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Possible Solutions

At the moment we know that testing in certain countries is less thorough and reliable than in others, a universal World Code for Anti Doping would address this. We need to close off the loopholes and hiding places abused by some, so that we can all live by the same rules.

Schemes such as an athletes' passport can really help if we all work together. Athletes can get regular blood and urine screening, ensuring that they are consistently "clean" and also monitoring their health and helping to pick up on illness problems early. To do this we need to have a worldwide scheme so that athletes can be tested regularly and reliably wherever they are based and all athletes need to cooperate. Samples given could also be used to build up personal profiles and to help research to establish new tests.

Knowledge and coordination of athletes' whereabouts also needs to be improved. The suggestion of a pager system is a good idea in order to help reduce unnecessary "no-shows" because athletes are out and about. We can also utilise our resources better, several times I have been tested out of competition, while in training camps or venues along with many other top athletes, yet have been the only one tested at that time. Why not reduce costs and test all top athletes in the vicinity at the same time?

An idea which also occurred to me last year was to ask if my samples could be frozen and retested as more new tests for substances become available. I realise that the cost of this may be too high for every sample but what about the possibility of freezing samples after World Records are broken?



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