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A Doping Control system in which the world can believe and trust

As an athlete, I invest most of my energy and time in my quest to be the best distance runner in the World. However today our sport and others are tainted by the doping cloud. The current system does not detect many of the substances being abused by athletes. This means that often athletes do not know if they are competing on a level playing field, if their hard work and sacrifice is being trumped by an easier scientific route.

Often when an athlete puts in a good performance they are subjected to suspicions and innuendos instead of praise. Having been on the receiving end of accusations like this I can testify as to how much this hurts and angers the athlete. I am certainly prepared to support organisations such as WADA, UK Sport and the IAAF in any way possible in order to be able to prove myself and avoid such situations as, I am sure, are many others.

What we really need is a Doping Control system in which the world can believe and trust. This needs to be effective worldwide, out of competition and at all competitions on all surfaces, so that cheating athletes cannot hide away or search out the "small" meets with no testing in order to record outstanding performances.

Doping in sport is a criminal offense and should be treated as such. It not only cheats other athletes, but also promotors, sponsors and the general public. Being caught in possession of performance enhancing drugs should carry a penalty.



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